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Why Should You Sell Your Car With Us?

Safe & Secure

Currently the third largest company in the industry, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that unlike many fly-by-night dealers, we will not abscond with your hard-earned money like the many cases reported in the news!

Transparent Process

Our consultants will explain the full process of all transactions prior to any agreement. This allows you to fully comprehend and avoid unnecessary disputes common with the run-of-the-mill shady dealers out there. We strive for happy deals for all parties involved!

Competitive Offers

We offer economies of scale being a volume trader. Challenge us to match or better any genuine offers you have!

One-Stop Shop

We all know that the process of selling your car can be an extremely onerous and treacherous one. Leave it in our professional care and we will settle it for you – from full-settlement of your outstanding liabilities, cancellation of your existing insurance and transferring of your NCD, we ensure that you never need to leave the comforts of where you are.

Free Valuation

Let us tell you how much your car can sell for. All done via phone. No obligations. Free.