About Us

Spark Motoring represents the vehicle trading arm of the Lumens Group in all matters pertaining to the buying, selling, exporting, and importing of automobiles. Set up to provide a suite of services to the public consumer, Spark Motoring is helmed by an industry veteran with close to 30 years of experience leading a team committed to the values of long-term customer satisfaction, dependability, and total transparency.

Lumens Auto was founded in 2014 with the then nascent ride-hailing industry. Starting with merely 14 vehicles, Lumens Auto has grown exponentially to a combined fleet of more than 3,000 vehicles under the group, which comprises personal & corporate leasing, vehicle rental, car trading, licensed financing & credit, and workshops. With senior advisors like the former Senior Minister of Transport, Dr Lam Pin Min, on-board, we are fiercely invested in growing the automobile industry with integrity.

We believe the backbone of any business is its values and have proven that good service and honesty do not need to be mutually exclusive. Simply put, we do not make or entice buyers with promises we cannot keep just to close the deal and if any deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Our domain expertise lie in navigating the automobile landscape and its ever-evolving complications for consumers who need end-to-end consultancy and services taken care of.

We believe we’ll be your last and only search for the truly dependable partner you need on your long motoring journey. Put us to the test.